About ham radio station ZL4KF

In the shack (part of the Webfactor office) the ham radio equipment consists of a Yaesu FT2000D (new in August 2009) along with the matching DMU and matching FT2000 speaker, a Heil Pro-Set Plus headset and an elderly Heathkit SB220 linear amplifier. There is also an Ameritron Watt Meter and an MFJ 989D antenna tuner. Normally I use the Heil HM10 boom mic switched to the HC5 cartridge.

The computer running two lower monitors is an elderly Compaq running on Windows 7. The top monitor is the display for the FT2000D DMU. I mainly use Ham Radio Deluxe software and a number of other programs, for instance HamCap, VOACap Online for example.

The present main antenna is a vertical about 21 feet tall, mounted on top of a fence and using the corrugated iron of the fence as the ground.  It is fed with a random length of RG8U into the shack. The antenna feed point is fitted with a home brew 9-1 un-un and near the shack is a choke made of ferrite cores clamped over the coax and the whole thing fine-tuned with the Ameritron tuner. It works but certainly it’s not optimum but I can cover 80 through to 10 metres so it’s useful. I also have a 40 to 10 mx OCF dipole but it’s at a low height at present – just experimental at this stage.  Hopefully we can improve on the antenna situation before too long!

A video taken with my DJI Phantom 4 a couple of years ago. Shows the Waikouaiti Bay and our property about 400 metres from the beach.